The Walford Gazette @ Albert Square

On May 18th 1999, My wife Denise and I (Paul Field), were invited by Matthew Robinson, Executive Producer of EastEnders, to visit the set on which EastEnders is filmed. We were also followed by a BBC Choice film crew.

The full story will be online soon, until then, here are some pictures:

1. The Walford Gazette van.

2. Paul Field (Webmaster of The Walford Gazette), his wife Denise, and the Walford Gazette van.

3. And again.

4. Paul Field serving Matthew Robinson, Executive Producer of EastEnders, a good old British pint.

5. And again.

6. The Queen Vic's new landlord and lady (wishful thinking...).

7. And again.

8. The view from the top of the stairs at the Queen Vic.

9. Matthew suggested we find out how Tiffany felt.

10. The entrance to the building containing the permanent internal EastEnders sets.

11. View looking left from the Walford East Station.

12. And again.

13. Matthew standing in front of the most famous Walford E20 sign, next to the gates of Albert Square.

14. The Queen Victoria public house.

15. And again.

16. Jo Sheinman of BBC Choice tapes as we stand outside the Queen Vic.

17. And again.

18. We pose for our own BBC EastEnders publicity shot.

19. And again.

20. Our version of Matthew Robinson's BBC publicity shot.

21. Terry and Irene Raymond's First Til Last shop.

22. The Laundrette.

23. Matthew Rose's music market stall.

24. Matthew Robinson and crew prepare to shoot a sequence for the show.

25. Denise shows us how much better than Irene she would be at serving in the First Til Last.

26. Jo Sheinman of the BBC Choice TV show, EastEnders Revealed.

27. The sign over the door at the Queen Vic shows Peggy Mitchell as the license holder.

28. The bench left in commemoration of Arthur Fowler.

29. This is what it looks like on the other side of the WalfordCam.

30. Pat & Roy Evan's House.

31. The Fowler's.

32. Deals on Wheels.

33. A panoromic shot of Albert Square.

34. Sign on a building in Albert Square.

35. Ian Beale's house.

36. Walford Video, also containing Natalie's dating agency.

37. The cast and crew have moved on, and this area of the lot is now bare.

38. Walford East Station.

39. The cast and crew hard at work.

40. The cast and crew again.

41. Look who we bumped into in the corridor between the external and internal sets.

42. Here is the wife reminding me why I shouldn't have brought her.

43. The internal set for the Laundrette.

44. A sneak peak at a monitor showing what is being filmed outside on the lot.

45. A few seconds later.

46. The internal set for the kitchen upstairs at the Queen Vic.

47. The kitchen at Giseppes.

48. The living room at The Vic.

49. The welcome sign for the EastEnders internal and external sets.

50. Look who we found outside studio D.

51. We explain to Joe Absolom.

52. Joe explains how they did the makeup to make him look this rough.

53. The sign that welcomes you to the 2nd floor of Neptune House, the home of the EastEnders offices.

54. Finally, again, we were too pre-occupied to get this sign on the way in.

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