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Twice Born : Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter

The Spirit of Open Adoption

May the Circle Be Unbroken :
An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption

Adoption, Identity, and Kinship :
The Debate over Sealed Birth Records

Birthbond :
Reunions Between Birthparents and Adoptees - What Happens After...

Patty's Journey :
From Orphanage to Adoption and Reunion

Family Reunion Handbook :
A Complete Guide for Reunion Planners (2nd Edition)

Lost and Found : The Adoption Experience

Birthright :
The Guide to Search and Reunion for Adoptees,
Birthparents, and Adoptive Parents

Searching for a Piece of My Soul :
How to Find a Missing Family Member or Loved One

Stories of Adoption :
Loss and Reunion

Then She Found Me

Why Didn't She Keep Me? :
Answers to the Question Every Adopted Child Asks

Annotated Guide to Adoption Research

Missing Sisters

How to Find Missing Persons :
A Handbook for Investigators

Family Reunion

Finding Your Roots : How to Trace Your Ancestors at Home and Abroad

ITHAKA: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found

Patty's Journey : From Orphanage to Adoption and Reunion

Where Courage Is Like A White Horse : The World of an Indian Orphanage

Outer Search, Inner Journey; An Orphan and Adoptee's Quest

Birth Mother Search : Someday I'll Find Her :
The True Story of One Woman's Success in Locating Her Birth Mother

Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life

Being Adopted : The Lifelong Search for Self

The Stranger Who Bore Me :
Adoptee-Birth Mother Interactions

Filling in the Blanks :
A Guided Look at Growing Up Adopted

Find Them Fast, Find Them Now :
The Handbook for Finding Missing Persons

Missing Persons U. S. A. :
How to Hunt Down and Find Anyone, Anywhere

Using Public Records to Find and Investigate Anyone

Adoption Searches Made Easier

Where Are My Birth Parents? :
A Guide for Teenage Adoptees

Together Again :
True Stories of Birth Parents and Adopted Children Reunited

The 125 Most Asked Questions About Adoption (And the Answers)

Adoption and Disclosure a Review of the Law

Adoption Reunions :
A Book for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Families

Cutoffs :
How Family Members Who Sever Relationships Can Reconnect

Journey of the Adopted Self : A Quest for Wholeness

Adoption, Race, and Identity from Infancy Through Adolescence

Growing Up Adopted

Love Leaves No Regrets :
An Insightful View of Displaced Children Through the Eyes of a Former Foster Child

The Psychology of Adoption

Search : A Handbook for Adoptees and Birthparents

Adoption & Foster Care

The Adopted Break Silence (The Adoption Ser)

An Adopted Woman

Designing Rituals of Adoption : For the Religious and Secular Community

Far from the Reservation; The Transracial Adoption of American Indian Children.

The Home : A Memoir of Growing Up in an Orphanage

Second Choice : Growing Up Adopted

Adopted? : A Canadian Guide for Adopted Adults in Search of Their Origins

Adoption Searcher's Handbook;
A Guidebook for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Others Involved In...

Dear Birthfather

Finding Family

Missing Links : The True Story of an Adoptee's Search for His Birth Parents

Reunion : The Search for My Birth Family

So Here I Am! but Where Did I Come From? : An Adoptee's Search for Identity

The Great Adoptee Search Book

Where Are My Birth Parents? : A Guide for Teenage Adoptees

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Elephants Never Forget : Relationships Between Birth Parents and Adoptees

Reunions: True Stories of Adoptees Meeting with Their Natural Parents

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