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Kathy Ryan Essex Feb 20, 2017
Looking for my son Sean Darryl Ryan 27/10/1986
was living in Eltham when were separated Many Thanks Kathy Ryan
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Claire Sharon Robinson East Sussex Feb 18, 2017
Looking for sisters Tracey Linette Marshall 1968 and Deborah Jayne Marshall 1967 born to Wendy Susan Robinson and John W Marshall in the Lambeth area.
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Kelly Tubbs London, Bermondsey Feb 08, 2017
I am looking for my uncle/my mums brother

Birth name: Darren Lewis Palmer
D.O.B : 3rd December 1967 Merton Surrey

Was registered on the GRO adoption site as wishing to make contact back in 2008, but the address they have on file he no longer lives at, have asked but they wont pass on any information.

From what my nan can remember he was taken in by a Mr an Mrs Holland at around 8 weeks old and they lived in Streatham somewhere on the left off of the high road, gracefield gardens side as she remembers turning right from the station not drewstead but the one before, then turning left somewhere off the high street but not past the cinema they lived in a semi detached house. She can remember going into the house and there were 4/5 girls playing in the living room and was told they wanted to adopt Darren because they wanted a boy, but having checked the adoption indexes at the British library we found no boys adopted with Holland surname.
So not sure if they did adopt him or if they just fostered him for a while, then he was adopted by another family.

However my nan remembers going to the court and refusing to sign the papers to hand him over an by court closing time was told if she did not sign they were going to take my mum off her as well.

My mum has been looking for the last 35 years for him we are going through our local council but all they managed to tell us is that he used st Katherines house to get his papers from, we havent heard any more and this was a year ago.

If anyone knew of a foster family or adopted parents in the area of Gracefield gardens, leigham avenue, sunnyhill or even remembers going to school with him or someone with the birthday 3rd December it may help us in our search.
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jessiejones uk Feb 04, 2017

Considering Adoption Pls read !!!

we are seriously searching for a lovey home for our baby girl , she lost her mum at birth and we have been finding it a kind of hard to give her the best in life , so we have thought wise to rehome her to a lovely home out there that will be ready to consider her as her own blood child and love her as her own kid , pls any lovely caring home out there willing to adopt her ??? leave us a message at jessiejones488@yahoo.com for more information and recent update pics of her.
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Julie saunders High wycombe Feb 03, 2017
I know I can not start a full search for my niece until she is 18 which is in 9 years time, Im wondering if there is any thing I can do until that time e.g. Putting motions in place as I am in illhealth and may not make it that far but I would dearly love to think that my son could search out his cousin who was given up for adoption all because she was born with Downs Syndrome, never even brought home from hospital, she left the hospital at 2 weeks straight to Foster care then from there two weeks later to adoption, I only got to see her once and then only for 15 minutes and I feel as if I had something amazing stolen from me, I need to put it right.
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Rosie Grice United Kingdom Feb 02, 2017
HI, I am trying to trace my birth father, I was born 3/4/80 to Jean Byers and William mckillop and put up for adoption, I have found and made contact with Jean but they parted ways after my adoption. I dont know anything other than his name, he was a kickboxer and a taxi driver in the Stockport area and had a brother called Neil. If anyone can help me please email me on rosiegrice@yahoo.co.uk . Thank you
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Alice Tanya Scott Kent Jan 31, 2017
Trying to find my birth brother he was born in Canterbury 1986 his birth name was Nathan Patrick Gore. My birth name was Tanya Rose Gore. Really would love to have my brother back again we have so much to catch up lovevuiu always x
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Gayle Hollins USA Jan 28, 2017
Looking for a half sister born May 22 1950. Adopted Sept 1950 in Great Yarmouth. New adopted name Pamela Margaret Bell. She has a younger sister called Gillian. In 1983 was called Pamela Margaret Diggines. Was married then to Hiram Diggines and had 2 children, Daniel and AmyJo. In 1983 Pamela still lived in Great Yarmouth and Gillian lived in Southampton. Would love to find her. We share the same mother and have so many lost years to catch up on.
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