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Simon Longstreath Leeds Aug 25, 2023
s.longstreathleeds west yorkshireMay 25, 2018
Board Name: England Adoption Related
simon longstreath leeds,
Simon P.CrowdenLongstreath. Leeds West Yorkshire
Birth name Mark Darby.DOB 27/09/1958 in Shrewsbury at Royal Salop Infirmary 11:15am. If anyone knows Brenda Ivy Darby,or if she is interested in finding me,nearly 65 years old and its a long time. PS. Ive been told that I may have a twin sister,but who knows. email address si27091958@gmail.com
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Dawn Prescott Hull Sheffield Jul 25, 2023
Im looking for my deceased fathers birth family.

He was born in 1940 and adopted by a Prescott family in Leigh Wigan in 1942, they moved to Blackpool some years later.
His adopted mother was called Ethel Prescott.
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Kathryn Mottershead North West Jul 12, 2023
My birth mother was Isobel M Varley Burgoyne, Lawrence. I am searching for what I believe are my half siblings please consider coming forward if you have any relevant information. I come with no malice, purely seeking an opportunity to try and form some links. Thank you.
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Kelly England Jun 29, 2023
Dear all

I have established I have a brother born 1967 Wolverhampton newcross hospital 1967 Jan 23rd hes a mixed race baby which yo me makes no difference whatsoever

Hes my brother who has a sister waiting till the day she dies to hug you x you are wanted and very much loved

Please get in touch Kellogskel@live.co.uk
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Bev D Yorkshire May 26, 2023
Looking for my husbands birth Mother Moira OLoughlin. We now have his original birth certificate which has confirmed she had him in Islington in May 1962. She was Irish but we dont know if she then returned to Ireland after his birth.
He is happily reunited with siblings from the same father Dan. Hoping to connect with mother and any other siblings. He is happy and healthy and had a good upbringing and would be happy for contact.
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Anne Clout (maiden name Hemming Western Australia Apr 06, 2023
Anne Clout nee HemmingAustraliaJan 25, 2023
Still looking to find my son son Birth name Martin Hemming, born 29th Jan 1971, adopted in the shire of Sheffield approx July 1971. Would love to make contact and find out that you have had a good life. I was forced into having you adopted as only 17. You have never been out of my heart thoughts.
UPDATE. Have just discovered name on the Adoption Made by Sheffield social services being the appointed gaurdian serial N0. 159/71. County court No. 7153864 Has written under infant name Martin Hemming to .. Joan Mary Graham who was my aunt. My name does not appear on this document.
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Val Rouse Hertfordshire Mar 21, 2023
I have been searching for my brother for over 30 years.

Bernard William Gendle was born in Hackney Hospital, London on 9 March 1955 to Jean Gendle.

If you know of any adopted male with the same date of birth, please contact me. Thank you
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Zoe Bricklebank Middlesbrough England Mar 20, 2023
Email: zoebricklebank@yahoo.co.uk
I am looking for my brother, he is the son of my father Micheal Hargest who is 62 this year. Middlesbrough England.

My brothers birth name is Jason and was born in 1988, and adopted in 2000, the same year I was born. I was fortunate enough to grow up with my father in my life even if it wasnt very often, Ive been searching for my brother since I was a teenager. Im 23 and all I want is for my dad to meet his son again, Our father has epilepsy and ill health, I dont want him to pass away not knowing who his son was or what happened to him.

Even if you dont want to contact us, Jason, please even an email and a photo, or just an email saying youre okay and that youre healthy and happy is enough. Please my dads a good man, he wanted to raise you, but he just couldnt. Were both so sorry. We love you dearly.
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