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Melissa Thornton AZ Nov 10, 2017
Looking for Melanie last name unknown, born in early 60s given up for adoption in Portsmouth, mothers name on birth certificate was most likely Catherine Black, real mothers name is Hilary
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paul clark london Oct 17, 2017
Paul Clark

still searching for Paul Clark, born 1962,in London , then adopted.

I am so happy that I have found your half brother Peter, but will continue searching for you.
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Anna United State Oct 09, 2017
When I became the birth mother I was dating a really cool guy. I had just graduated from high school and started college, and he was finishing high school. I found out I was pregnant pretty soon after we began our relationship. We waited to tell our parents because I did not want to be forced to have an abortion after few months being pregnant my boyfriend passed away due to cancer of the skin. For a young woman, finding out shes pregnant before she feels ready to be a mother can be terrifying and challenging. Perhaps one of the only things harder is deciding to place the baby for adoption , I have been looking for a family that will have a private adoption with me been searching a freestyle, family or any single one willing to have his or her family through adoption . At the time I felt so lost and confused. I didnt know what to do with my life, including the fact that a new life was coming. I grew up in poverty and knew that was not an option I was willing to consider for my child. At the time, I was planning on keeping my baby, but one day adoption came up in my mind . I sought out what it meant and what the expectations were. I was so scared and didnt want to do it. After receiving advice from a friend she informed me to search for an adoptive parent for my child here and after praying i decided to create a an account to begin the journey . I am begging anyone who sees this post to share my story and post to help me locate a loving family for my child or any married couple or single person willing to adopt, my account is new but i am willing to send you more pictures and information including where i live privately also i am willing to travel , and if you have been thinking about adoption contact me to know more information about me . Email me at consideringprivateadoption@gmail.com
Thank you very much and also i need support if you are interested just to help me while i keep searching a loving home for my baby .
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john otley leeds Oct 08, 2017
Im looking for my son ,whom i have never meet i had information that a child had been born to a Heather white in leeds back in 1974
I was informed that she was pregnant but would get ride that was all that time ago ,i since find out she had the child but had him adoptied
His name at birth was Dominic George White if you have any info please help he would be about 43 know
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Maggie Barnett Doncaster Oct 03, 2017
Im desperately trying to find my half brother, his name at birth was niel Martin dowling born 11th April 1981. Our mother is called Patricia ann dowling on his birth certificate anyway she only found out around 15 yrs ago her maiden name is actually lockwood. It was in 1982 you was adopted around a year old and had an older sister half who was around 6 name is Bridget. My father at the was by this time with mum whos surname is Currie which is the surname mum goes by. I really really need to meet you to know who u are I have an empty space that I just know is where you should be, I understand if you do not want to meet me BTW you have 3 sisters and a brother Bridget, myself and Leanne brother is Martin but I just need to know ur OK. I have recently found out I have a genetic mutation belonging to the neurofibromatosis gene which looks like its from mums side and also think this is something you should know besides I really just want to meet you and want you to know my children, I know the reasons you were taken and I am angry I have always loved you even though Ive never even met you I do I have a very very blurry picture of u but thats all. At the time of your adoption Patricia lived on Willington road I think Skellow Doncaster south Yorkshire. Plz plz get in touch if anyone has any info at all
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Alison clarke Australia Sep 23, 2017
Hello I am looking for Ann Backhouse who gave birth to a baby girl in Clatterbrigde in January 1964 who was put up for adoption.if anyone can help with any information I will be very grateful.. I am looking for Ann Backhouse who most likely has changed her name., thank you for any information.
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vlaire lange scotland Sep 20, 2017
hi I am Claire lisa lange I was born on may 27th 1982 by a lady called Sandra joan young my real dad is john lange and have 3 brothers 2 of my brothers are full blood relatives called Stephen terrrance lange and also my other brother is called brian phillip lange Stephen would be in his 40s now and brian will be too ,Im 35 years old be 36 in may,andrew is my half brother and is adopted but might be living somewhere now ,he was born 1989 and has the same mum as me and my other 2 brothers ,the only thing that is different is he has a different father named Robert Harvey,andrew is the one Im searching for and Im desperate to find him we were separated at adoption last I knew he was in walthem forest in London England I dont know hes date of birth but the year was1989.
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claire lange stranraer Sep 17, 2017
Hi my names Claire Lange Im searching for my half brother Andrew Harvey and he was Las seen think it was East London or something Im Andrew half sister and been searching for him ages
His father is Robert Harvey and our mum was Sandra Joan young and we have brothers Stephen Lange and Brian Lange hunt
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