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Colin Hicks Sussex UK Sep 25, 2022
Looking for Ann Elizabeth OGrady, born 25.11.38 at the Carisbooke nursing home Wandsworth East district Chingford E4. To birth mother Margaretta Mabel Hicks who was my aunt and fled my grandparents home in 1938 never to return. Ann Elizabeths father was Laurie OGrady, a travelling confectionery salesman from Hendon who was already married and had a son Michael.
My aunt had two illegitimate children, the first of whom in 1934 we have found and his daughter, plus 4 legitimate children born after 1940 but under an assumed identity, whom we have also traced. Its a fascinating story of war and morality even featuring the Salvation Army.
Thanks for any news of adoptee Ann Elizabeth who will be 83 if she is still alive and any descendants, if you can share it. We dont have to meet up. AE is the last piece of a complex jigsaw in my family, and people would just like to know what happened to her and that she was/is OK.
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KEVIN Wandsworth Jul 25, 2022
I was born 27/11/1961 in Wandsworth London
Looking for my birth mother, my name at the time was possibly KEVIN.
My mothers age at the time was approximately 16 17 years.

Thank you.
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Heather Jackson York, England Apr 09, 2022
Im looking for my half sister who was named Yasmin Jackson at birth, mothers maiden name was Michelle Jackson. I believe that Yasmin was born at St Thomas Hospital, London in May 1984. She was taken into care at about 69 months of age and fostered until she was eventually adopted about the age of 3. I believe her birth fathers first name was Sol and he was possibly from Egypt. I know very little other than this but I do have photos of her at about 2 years old that were taken by social services with an older boy of maybe 8 or 9 that looks as if he has an Indian heritage. I know social services came and took photos of me and the rest of the family for when she was older and wanted to know her birth family. If this could be you please get in touch you are loved within your birth family, email hjackson82@live.co.uk
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Lakeisha UK Feb 01, 2022
Apologies if this isnt the right place to post this, Ive posted this here as Im trying to make sure it can reach as many relevant people as possible.

Just in case this may be of any interest to anyone following my own personal experiences of having family members Ive never met, Im working with an arts charity called The Working Party to present an open, imaginative and creative space for people who may benefit to share their similar stories.

Itd be a lowpressured workshop encouraging writing through creative poetry exercises with a skilled animator on board, to support us to reimagine our absent relatives, bringing them to life through live projection.

If you think this sounds right for you, please feel free to get in touch.


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Anthony J Randall Sheringham, Norfolk Jan 27, 2022
I am available to undertake some pro bono research on locating birth parents, children given up for adoption or missing brothers and sisters. If you would like to be considered then please take a look at www.thuliez.co.uk before responding.
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AMANDA Weymouth, Dorset Jan 23, 2022
My birth name was CLAIRE DIANE ELSBY.

I was born in WEYMOUTH, DORSET on 17 March 1974 it is registered on one document as 27 March 1974, but I believe this is a clerical error and adopted shortly afterwards.

I am searching for my birth mother, SHIRLEY DIANE ELSBY, who I believe was born and was later living in Stoke On Trent. I believe she has since married and has a different surname. I believe I may also have a half sister. Fathers name was unlisted.

I am open to contact, but understand if that is not possible / desired. At the very least, I just wanted to come here to say THANK YOU! I am alive, well, and have a great life. I hope you do too.
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Deiter Mills Nottingham Jan 11, 2022
Looking for Karoline mills born July 1962 possibly Grimsby mothers name violet Elizabeth mills , I am one of 7 kids mother kept 3 others adopted we have found each other just need our missing sister to complete the chain xx
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Dawn parker Devon Jan 11, 2022
I am looking for my brother born 6th January 1966 his birth registered name is Stephen Thompson although this could have been changed at adoption his mothers name was Sandra Thompson . Stephen was born in St.Helens Merseyside believe he would have been adopted between 1966 and 1969 we were also told that the family that adopted Stephen also adopted a little girl but not sure how true this is
We have been trying for such a long time to trace Stephen but we cant find any links please if anyone can help or may k ow this person get in touch
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