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Tom Doughty Dallas, TX orig. Edinburgh, Scotland Apr 24, 2021
Looking for older sister, born Carol Ann Mouat in Simpsons, Edinburgh, December 1954. She was adopted in 1955, possibly in March by an Edinburgh doctor.

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Tom Doughty Dallas, TX (Edinburgh, Scotland) Apr 24, 2021
Looking for my sister who was born in Simpsons, Edinburgh, 4 December, 1954. Birth name was Carol Ann Mouat. Adopted possibly by Edinburgh doctor, 1955.

Hoping so much.

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Jane Simpson Ireland Aug 16, 2020
Looking for information on siblings or family related to Jean Lyall McPhail, 4 Linn Ave, Largs
Im her daughter Margaret McPhail born 10th Jan 1959 @ Possil Rd, Glasgow. I believe I may have a half brother.

Jane Simpson.

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vicki kirkwood scotland Jul 28, 2020
Looking for Margaret McGowan. Born 19th Feb 1947 in Homelands/Redlands Glasgow. Her mother was Marjory and father John. I believe she was adopted
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Lisa Aberdeen Feb 08, 2020
I am looking for a cousin who was adopted. Her name at Birth was Heida Richmond. She was born in May 1968

Birth mother name Jane Richmond.

Please if anyone has any information get in touch. Thank you!!
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Sarah UK Feb 28, 2019
I was born on 06.10.1972 as Katriona Johnstone my birth mother is Euphemia Johnstone / Fay Johnstone I was born in Hammersmith, London and was adopted shortly after. I believe my birth mother resides in Scotland I remained in England. If you have any information please contact I would love to reconnect...
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marion lancashire Jul 19, 2018
Im trying to trace my nephew mark alexander James born 19th January 1980 in Bootle Liverpool was adopted before age one year. On his birth certificate states adopted to Scotland im his auntie on his dads side. Im trying to trace mark whos name would have changed. For his sister who lives in Jordan. Grateful for any help thank you Marion
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Nic Lanarkshire Jun 20, 2018
Looking for Birth Mother. I was born 11/03/1976 in Glasgow and then adopted roughly 10 days later. My mother was 18. I was baptised Nicola Marie and later found out tht one of these names may be my birth name. Also the name Ferry/ie was on my gown when adopted. It was through st Margarets adoption society. I think my mother was Irish or my grandmother was. My grandfather was a crane driver.

Thank you for taking the time to read this
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