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Anthony Roberts Birmingham Jul 19, 2012
I am looking for my older sister who was adopted in 1977 in Merionethshire or Dyfed. Birth mother was Susan mary Roberts, birth name of sister was Caroline Roberts
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Maya Lang Brighton Jun 14, 2012
I am looking for my birth father Marcus Reid. I was born under the name of Maya lang in Brighton in 1970 my mother was Margaret Lang. My father would be in his 70's now and I would dearly love to have some news about him.
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Sophie Lincolnshire Jun 04, 2012
Hi, I'm looking for my birth mother! I was adopted in south wales and my birth name was Kimberley Ann Prosser, I was born on 7th June 1985 at St Davids hospital in Cardiff to a Nicola Prosser who was 15 at the time of my birth.

If anyone reading this could be related to me please get in touch, thank you

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garcia france Jun 04, 2012
garcia france May 30, 2012
Lydia Garcia France Dec 16, 2002
Searching for my son Mark Patrice Barrie Garcia, born 16th May 1979 at Wimbledon hospital St Theresa. May have kept the name Mark. Would love to know you are well and happy.
I am looking for a young man whose birthname is Mark Garcia, he was born on the 16th May 1979 in Wimbledon. Today his name is Simon but Mark is still his second name, his father is or was a dentist. I live in France and do not speak English, a friend translated this message for me. My@mail address is Thanks to contact me if you Simon or anybody who knows you, read this message . Lydia
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debbie moakes cambridgeshire May 30, 2012
I am looking for my sister, her birth name was Denise Bernadette Woodroffe born 1965 in Cardiff to Maria (Marian) Woodroffe and Lenoard Anthony Woodroffe. If anyone knows anything please get in touch.
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Matilda London May 04, 2012
Searching for Brian Smalley and possibly a Brenda Smalley,and other unknown children, Mother was lilian Smalley, lived in Swansea area, had a large family split up by adoption.
please message with any informaation.

kind Regards.
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Sandra Gage Cardiff May 03, 2012
Hi looking for my uncle born and adopted in December 1953 in the Cardiff Area.
His name is or was Colin Gage.
Please get intouch if you know who this person is please.
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Alana Cardiff Feb 01, 2012

This is just a message of hope for all.
After doing numerous searches and leaving messages of hope on many other sites including this one whilst I was looking for my adopted brother, I was told about writing a letter to the local authority of where the adopted person was born, with what information I knew .
I did this and within a few months they traced where my brother was and told him that I was looking for him. Luckily he accepted to having contact and I met him for the first time in 36yrs. We stay in touch regularly now and are soon to meet again and I also have 3 new nieces/nephews.
It might not turn out this way for everyone but what have you got to lose..

Good luck x
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