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Julie King (Boxer) Florida, USA Mar 13, 2017
Searching for Sarah and wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday! Sarah, you were born on March 15th, 1974 in Chester England and I am your birth mother. At that time I was Julie Boxer and I named you Margaret Claire. Theres so much I would love to know and share. I didnt give you up for adoption because I wanted to and as I look back I know that by being adopted you had a chance to live the kind of life you deserved which I couldnt have provided you then. I would absolutely love to hear from you. I think of you every day and hold you close in my heart. One day I hope we are both searching for one another at the same time. With love always, your birth mum Julie
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Sharmagne Leland-St. John Leland-St. John USA Nov 29, 2016
I am posting this for a friend:
You were born on 19th December 1973 in Heath Hospital Cardiff.
I named you Nicola. Your original birth certificate is in the name of Nicola Brett.
For 10 days I learned how to bath you, keep you warm and cuddle you. You were with me for my 17th birthday on the 27th December that year.
On the morning of the 30th December it was snowing. I dressed you in your snow white layette and took the lift down to the car park.
A woman was waiting there and I couldnt let you go.
There was an undignified struggle and my mother wrested you from my arms and handed you over.
The woman turned and walked away I felt as if my heart had been ripped from my body.
You were adopted through the Church of England Childrens Society. This photo was sent to me by your parents on your 1st birthday. It is the only photo I have and has faded over 43 years.
I have tried to find you but without success so now I am begging all my friends, their friends and their friends friends to share this post. I have lived 43 years with a tear in the cloth of my life, notwithstanding a wonderful daughter, a fine son and a whole possee of adopted/kids by marriage but this pain will always linger with me. I will be sixty this birthday and would love to hear from Nicola or whatever her name is now in the hope that together we can darn the hole. I think you were brought up in South Wales, but by now you could be anywhere. Please, please if you read this, give me a chance I did and do love you. Your half brother and sister, my husband and the majority of my friends know all about you and my attempts to find you you would be welcomed by all.
Please, please share this post and maybe, just maybe this great machine that is social networking might make my sixtieth and Nicolas 43rd two very happy birthdays, thank you,
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Lorna Davies anglesey Nov 08, 2016
I am searching for ; David Byron Hughes born 1st March 1950St Davids Day and adopted 6 weeks later I dont know his adopted name..his sister is desperately looking for him and I am the intermediary ...any information please contact me.
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charlotte price lancashire Apr 02, 2016
im looking for my auntie born Christine Janet Crutchley julauglsep quarter of 1965 St Asaph to an Ethel Frances Price
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Julie King (Boxer) Vermont, USA Mar 16, 2016
I am hoping to hear from Sara Louise Margaret Clair Boxer born March 15, 1974 and adopted approx. 3 months later. This is your birth mum, Julie, and Id love to wish you a Happy Birthday and know you are well. You are never, ever not in my thoughts!
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georgia butcher United Kingdom Feb 08, 2016
I have been looking for a david harris / harrison .he come to newcastle in 1996/97 for his friends stag weekend . His friend was called carl henner .david was from newport gwent .i dont no mutch more about him i think he had a sister.he come to newcastle with 3/4 others for carls stag .one named simon . Fudge . Not sure of others . I heard he moved to hull and has 2 daughters .if any one can help that would be great thank you .
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Douglas Jones Germany (Nauheim) Nov 26, 2015
Searching for Decendants of George Robert Evans, b 1931, not certain where probably Caernarvonshire He had a sister named Dilys b 1925, Parents were Richard and Priscilla Evans , discovered these names in a family bible of my G great Grandfather John Evans b 1806 in Llannor, bible came down to me via my Grandmother Ellen Jonesnee Evans b 1866 in Criccieth.
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douglas jones Germany Sep 09, 2015
Searching for two newly found relatives, have just taken possesion of our family bibel, and found two names I did not know, save Dily Evans,b 16.2.1925 and her brother George Robert Evans,b 19.4.1931 their parents were Richard and Priscilla nee Robson Evans, can anyone enlighten me? I assume the were born in Caernarvonshire, the bibel was owned by my Great great grandfather John Evans.
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