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Deegan C. Dublin, Eire May 04, 2000
Looking for John James Smith - born June 1951, in Ross, Mount Nugent, on the borders of Meath & Cavan. Late of Albion Row, Lemington Spa.
An Amazing Surprise Awaits him to his advantage in Dublin.
Contact nicholsmurray@compuserve.com

Family Cottage Address: The Smith Family, Ross, Mount Nugent, Co. Meath.


Grandparents: - John/Jimmy ? Smith - The River Smith - (worked for time as Bailer on
Lough Inne). Seamus O'Connor says he was called Seamín Tom? and had a vicious dog called Crusu.
His wife was Margaret Boyle from Devlin, Co. Westmeath.

their Children (6 in total).

Margaret Smith (Maggie) - Husband - James (Jimmy) Smith - (Deceased).
(Now Deceased) Their son - John Smith (possibly alive).

Mary Ann Smith - Never married.
(Now Deceased)

Julia Smith - Married to William Smith
(Now Deceased)

Bridget Smith (Bridgy) - Youngest Daughter.

Thomas Smith (Tom) - Married to Belgian lady. They had two children.

Michael Smith - Youngest Son.


William Smith - Husband of Julia Smith. (Born on 23.12.37 - aged 60 at Xmas).

Animals: - Sheila - Julia & William Smith's dog aged 7 & Barney the donkey
aged about 12 who was Julia's pet, but is now sold and lives on the grounds facing the Sheelin Hotel).

Margaret Smith was born (we think) in 1921.
She had fair hair. She was plumpish and small in height.
Margaret would have to carry two buckets of water from the banks of Lough Sheelin to her house quite a distance away every day after school.
W.S. said that a car collected Margaret every day to bring her to work in Farrenconnell.
Jimmy Smith (Margaret's husband to be) lived in the same area as Margaret - Ross.
He went over to England and came home to Ross and told Margaret that he would soon have a home ready for her.
She went over to England and there married Jimmy Smith.
W.S. says that Jimmy Smith was about 3 years older than Margaret.
Jimmy Smyth was a great step-dancer.

Margaret had arthritis, especially in her knees.
Margaret smoked woodbines.
She drank tea without milk but liked sugar.
Her husband, Jimmy, died before her.
W.S. says Margaret died about 12/13 years ago in 1984/85 from heart trouble.
She would have been aged about 63.
She and her husband, Jimmy, are both buried in Leamington Spa, England.
W.S. said that both she and Jimmy were very happy and that Margaret had a good life in England.

John Smith.
Margaret and Jimmy Smith had a son called John.
W.S. says that John got married and then left his wife and two children, a girl and boy, when they were about 10 and 11.
John Smith is over 6 foot tall and very broad.
W.S. says he was last heard of in Cricklewood. W.S. seems to think that he may now be in the army.
W.S. said he loved guns.
From his photo, John Smith appears to have had dark brown hair.
Photo of his wife at wedding? possibly available from W.S. at later date.

Mary Ann Smith never married. She died on April 23rd, 1992 (discrepancy on her grave-stone - 19'91 - to be changed at future date according to W.S.).
She is buried in Ballinacree Graveyard beside her sister Julia Smith.

Julia Smith (Rassan) (died of a heart attack on Nov. 12th, 1991. W.S. said she was not quite 50.
She married William Smith in England. They lived in Fulham.
On some Sundays, W.S. and Julia would make a day trip on the train to Eastbourne to visit Bridgy and her husband.
She and William returned from England to the family cottage in Ross about 16 years ago.
She died in William Smith's arms in Navan Hospital and he says that the last thing she said to him was: "William, I'm going, - take care of yourself".
Both she and Mary Ann Smith are buried in the same grave in Ballinacree graveyard.
William Smith will be buried beside them in the same grave.
Julia loved animals - she was nipped by Sheila as a pup and had to attend the doctor's for it.
She once broke her ankle and had to stay in Navan hospital for about 9 days - she was treated by Dr. McGrath.
Julia appears to be a little plump, has nice brown hair and good skin from her photos.

Bridgy Smith is the youngest and only living member of the Smith family.
W.S. says she is 6 foot, tall and thin.
She is a chef and her husband is a chef. They live in Eastbourne, England.
W.S. said that Bridgy was usually in trouble in school and had a quick tongue but would soon forget that she had been angry with a person.
When she left for England, she never returned home.

Tom Smith (looked very handsome/good head of hair in photo) married a Belgian lady and had two children.
Lived in London and is buried there.
Photo available from W.S. possibly at some later date.

Michael Smith was the youngest son. He joined the army.
He died around the age of 17 after drowning when he jumped off some bridge/possibly the Ross Quarry, after drinking.
Himself and Julia had the exact same hair-line.
Photo available from W.S. possibly at some later date.

William Smith was born on 23.12.37. He will be 60 at Xmas.
He says that he was gardener for a while at Farrenconnell after he left school - about 13/14.
He mentioned 3 children - Phoebe, Myles and Oliver, whom he used to take out in a pony and trap.
He married Julia in England. They lived in a flat in Fulham. He worked in the Rover Factory.
He tells a story of how he had to be hospitalized while working in the Rover factory. He says he collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. He said he asked his foreman not to tell his wife, Julia, as it would only worry her but instead to get in touch with her brother, Tom and let him contact her and tell her. This he did. He said he had an operation for a burst ulcer. He said he went off the drink and cigarettes for about 6 months after that.
He has a brother, named P.J., in Canada, a brother called Tom who may be a cripple and who lives with him or very nearby and a sister a nun who lives in England and is waiting to die. Her wish is to be buried in Meath and was granted on the behest of her brother to her Mother Superior.
W.S. drives a green Volkswagen which is 22 years old.
He drinks Guinness and smokes Major.
Colm O'Reilly, owner of the Sheelin Shamrock Hotel, said that W.S. was a gentleman.
He also said that he couldn't drink as much nowadays as he used to - maybe a few pints!

Allison Nugent/Hertzig is now 88. She is a Protestant. She is very sprightly. She has blue eyes.
She has a hearing problem. I think she said she got married in 1942.
Allison Nugent said she had one sister and one brother. Phoebe is not her sister - possibly niece?
Allison Hertzig said that Margaret lived in the servants quarters in Farrenconnell.
She said she had a hard life with the nuns in Manor House.
We think her brother died around 17 in the army.
Did she mention something about her nephew dying in the war?
She has two Jack Russell dogs - one of them is called Becky.
Strange how she didn't elaborate on why she and her mother were taking you to Lusk?

W.S. said that all the Smith men liked their drink.
None of the Smith girls ever drank after they took their pledge.
W.S. showed us the gun owned by the River Smith, used for hunting and killing ducks, which could be a two hundred years old.
W.S. said that his family and the Smiths used to swim in Lough Sheelin when they were small.
W.S. said that all the Smiths had lovely hair except for one brother who later went bald.
W.S. said that all the Smiths had warts.
Grandparents buried in Kilcree?? graveyard. Mary Ann wanted to be buried with them but changed her mind.
Fr. Michael Troy, P.P. is buried in Ballinacree. Thought to be very holy man and people take away pebbles on his grave to rub on warts etc.
Ross Castle is now owned by Germans.


William Smith, Ross, Mount Nugent, Co. Meath.

c/o Maura & Colm O'Reilly - owners of the Shamrock Sheelin Hotel - Tel. No. ?

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