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M.K. Alexander Troy, MI USA Nov 12, 2000

11, Nov 2000

Karlette Price 22 Oat Hill Drive

Northampton, Northamptonshire,

United Kingdom NN35AL

Dear Karlette, (Part II)


It's been almost 7 years, and I still think about you no one has ever left me so empty inside I really care for you and hope you and your daughter are doing fine, Being in the dark about you well being is killing me are you married/single , have a boyfriend.. I have to here from you at least a letter if a phone call is out of the question...So much has happen for the good and bad, the good thing for me is I have two good jobs as an Network Engineer, and three wonderful kids, unfornately and I pray that you forgive me but I'm still married...but not really in love...I'm trying to do the right thing while my kids are still small to have both parents...And not be a dead beat father.

While all this time has past I find myself thinking about our short time with one another back in England ...still in love with you. If I had any control over my situation at the time I wouldn't have left ...Please understand that it was not my call, I still remember that time we picked out the worst tasting wine in the grocery store for dinner. I'm remember the time I just couldn't wait to get off work to call you , just to hear your voice, just to hold and gaze into your pretty green eyes, and just to make love all night. I still remember.

So believe me I you ever get this whatever your situation maybe, please respond I know its been seven years too long without hearing from me either, but I will make another attempt to hear from you again and possibly see each other. If you call or even send a letter I will purchase a open-ticket for you to use at your discretion..That's how much I still love you and I will not be complete until I hear your voice or see you , again. By all means I am prepared for the worse, meaning your marital status but I never expected you to wait forever. But can you blame me I'm selfish..I made a mistake by waiting this long to try to contact thru a letter

I'll never forget you and if you need me, I'm more than prepared to offer any help you and your daughter may need(((Hugs and kisses to your daughter)))).. As for me well time have'nt changed me much I've put on a few stones, but its all well built, I have a little more facial hair neatly trimmed of course. Well anyway, as I close I hope and pray all is well for you know and your happy, I guess I got some nerve to just now get around to writing you this letter after all this time, but all this time must be for a reason I still care about you and some nights when I'm alone I wonder If you're still thinking about me..


Only thing in my life has changed is now I'm going thru a divorce, which is probably a blessing since there was no common ground between us anyways, I have done all I could do to save the marriage but its no use any more, My children are the only thing that matters, but they have been forced into a separation and situations caused by my ex, who has nothing else on her mind but selfish dreams and thoughts, strange for someone that has been well taken care of for the past 9 plus years, because of my faithfullness to her and my children...But all that has come to a screaching halt and I find myself starting over, my career has excelled and never really had much materialistic things, never had a need for money that much, but It's no joy having alot without sharing it with someone you truly love.. Anyways I received a response from Carrol Garrat who might have found a current address, with my personal life in an emotional rollercoaster, this was definetly a blessing from GOD,Thanks again Carrol for your response..

So if you happen to here from this person Karlette, drop me a letter all of the above still holds true.

Deepest Love For U, "Alex"

Mailing Address: 3224 North Blair Ave Royal Oak, Michigan 48073

email: marvinalexander@netscape.net or malexander@lason.com

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