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Diana Dove Coleman United States Aug 25, 2002
Daughter looking for Parents:

I was born in UK, father was English or Irish or Scottish, mother was possibly gypsie or was told Arabic/Egyptian.

She brought me to United States when I was around 2 or 3 years old and she married a guy named Tony D'Arco in Peoria, Illinois. I was given to foster care to a couple in their mid 50's by the name of Bazzelle, they had a file on record for petition for adoption but they never persued it and adoption was never given.

The Social service worker ' Mrs. Kennedy' said that my mother was looking for me at the time so my name and birthdate were changed. From what I don't know. But it was changed to Cindy Lou Bazzelle, with place of birth in Peoria Illinois on Feb. 20, 1956 at St. Francis Hospital, Peoria Ill..

I was told that this was all falsified so that my mother could not find me due to being taken and sold illeagally. She was lookin for me to take me home to Europe.

I don't know what my name was but I was always called Dove or little Dove. My brother was in a wheelchair with polio or MS. My foster Madame said that my name, she thought was either Patrica Diana or Diana Patricia or Donna Marie or Dawn Marie and my brothers name was Robin or Robyn. She was no big help!!!

Mrs. Kennedy said she beleived that I was born somewhere between 1961 and 1965 somewhere in the UK, possibly Scotland. She said that she thinks my father worked in Parliment or held some type of office like that and that he was well educated. She wasn't positive about it though.

Mrs. Kennedy said my mother was immature and young and chased after musicians. Tony was a musician! She had long dark wavy hair and she was a little women and was conciderd pretty.

The only things that I had (but no longer)were my 2 kilts and a blazer and white blouse and a gold blouse, black pat shoes,and a pair of socks. These were all taken in hopes that I wouldn't remember who I was or where I came from. But I spoke well for a 3 year old and tried to ask where mommie and daddy where! I was given lessons for speaking (american) english due to my accent.

I am not fair complected but not that dark although will turn very dark in the sun and will burn . My hair is dark (very dark auburn){with an occasional copper streak}, looks almost black, brown to brown cinnimon eyes with a beauty mark on my right jaw/cheek. My right eye lid has a very slight deformity and I have an extra rib.

The foster couple where not my parents and instructed me to call them master/or sir and mistress/or mam. Only to call them Mom and Dad in public. I have been looking for MY family for a long time and getting very tired.

If anyone has any information or even thinks that they may know someone that may be related,....please contact me at daughterofdia@yahoo.com or lilriel@hotmail.com.

My only family at this moment is my very loving husband who is also looking for his family of Coleman's in Ireland or somewhere in UK. It is beleived that his father or his father's friend owns a pub here in Indiana.
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