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    General information for non-adoption related searchers.

    Click Here to search the latest Electoral Roll

    Locate as much information on the person you are searching for including the following examples:

    Name, Previous & Maiden Names, Current & previous Address(es), Current & Previous Telephone Number(s), Spouse(s) & Spouse(s) Family Members, Brother(s), Sister(s), Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Grandparent(s), Son(s), Daughter(s). Granddaughter(s),
    Grandson(s), Cousin(s) and Old Friend(s).

    Basically, anyone you could call or write to
    that may know where your person is.

    Decide whether the friend or relative should be contacted (ie. would they tell you nothing and stop you from being able to contact the person for some reason? If the answer to this is Yes, take a moment to decide if you SHOULD be trying to contact this person)

    Step 2.

    Check regular phone directories, online email directories. Another really useful place to check is the AOL Member Directory if you are a member.

    If the person you are looking for is a woman, and there is a possibility of them being now married (and you don't know the married name), it is usually easier to find the father, brother, or even the adult son or daughter of that person.

    Step 3.

    Next, you can make postings around the internet, or in a local paper in your area.

    Step 4.

    Search the Electoral Roll here or here for your person.

    Step 5.

    If the person you are looking for is female, search for marriage(s) here,
    and then repeat step 4 with any married name(s) found.

    Step 6.

    Search for births of children here, and then repeat step 4 with those names found.
    Depending on age, you may also want to search for marriages and children of these too.

    Step 7.

    Contact a Private Investigator or People Finding Service.

    There are many other detailed steps that can be taken.
    If you have some to add, please email them to me.

    Questions? lookupuk@gmail.com