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    Adoptees and Family Searches
    from LookupUK.com

    Now available at an at-cost basis for my fellow searchers.

    Note: I am not a PI and do this as a favour, on an at-cost basis, to help my fellow searchers. Because of this, there are legal limitations in my involvement in your search. For instance, in the US, the main restriction is that I can't make actual contact with the person for you.

    Try our automated electoral roll search

    I have successfully found over 2000 people in the US and UK for my fellow searchers. But if I can't help you out, I recommend the following:

    In the UK:

    I recommend you try our automated electoral roll search
    or drop me an e-mail for more detailed searches,

    In the US:

    There are many more online search facilities to try than for the UK, but the adoption laws are far more complex, and so my recommendations are done on a case-by-case basis.

    If you have any further questions,
    please do not hesitate to email me at lookupuk@gmail.com

    Questions? lookupuk@gmail.com

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